FAQ - about caps

How do I order a custom made cap.
If you decided to order a custom made cap, this is what we need to know in order to create the perfect cap for you:
1. the model you want (Elytron, Fidel, Shport, Camel Toe, Hybrid, Turtle)
2. your head size
3. the colours you want. You can give a few tips or you can be very precise about what colour goes where.
4. extra features you would like. We are talking about longitudinal stripes (reflective or colour textile) or embroidered lettering underneath the brim.
5. fabric thickness. Thicker fabrics have a longer life and keep your head warmer during cold season. Thinner fabrics are better suited for warm days, but their lifespan is a little shorter.
6. fabric kind - natural fibres vs manmade fibres. Natural fibres (cotton, linen, viscose) are friendlier to the touch but if your head sweats, they will absorb the sweat. Manmade fibres (polyester) do not get soaky and are perfect for a sportier ride style.
That's about it. If you are very picky and you want the cap to be precisely a certain way, you should answer all of the above. If you just want a cap in your favourite colours, just ask the first four questions.

What’s inside the brim? Is it cardboard or plastic?
It's always plastic. Usually it's upcycled plastic yogurt cups.

How should I wash the cap when it becomes dirty?
As most of the caps are made from regained fabrics, we recommend washing the caps by hand. If that is not an option and you want to have it machine washed, please use a gentle washing cycle and  make sure the quantity of clothes inside the washing machine is small (the weight of wet clothes can damage the brim, folding it irremediably).

Do caps come in sizes?
Yes, they do. We create the caps according to your head size. The caps have an elastic band in the back, allowing the cap to fit you even if you cut your hair or let your hair grow longer than when you measured your head.

Can I see / try on some caps before I place an order?
Yes, if you can visit the Turific workshop in Bucharest, you are more than welcome.

Can I choose the fabrics by seeing / feeling them in real life?
Yes, if you can visit the Turific workshop in Bucharest, you are more than welcome.

How do I measure my head size?
Use a measure tape just like in this picture - place it 1 cm above your ears.

head measurements

What does upcylcing / regaining mean?

According to Wikipedia, upcycling is the process of converting useless products and materials into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Are all the caps made from regained fabrics/materials?
It varies from 100% to, lets say, 15%, the smallest amount of regained materials used being the brim insert, which is made almost every time from regained yogurt plastic cups.

Can the caps be worn underneath a cycling helmet?
Yes, they can, but some models are more comfortable than others for this use. Elytron is the best choice if you are planning to use the cap underneath a cycling helmet extensively.

What if the cap does not fit my head (too small or too big)?
If you measured your head circumference correctly, this shouldn't be a problem. But if the cap doesn't fit you, we'll find a way to fix this problem (the only exception being the case in which the cap design is only suited for you - e.g. your nickname embroidered underneath the brim.

Can I provide the fabrics for a cap?
Of course.

Why is there no “Turific!” logo on the caps / other products?
For the same reason a good pair of elegant shoes or a tailor made suit don't display the logo of the manufacturer in a visible spot. We believe in clean products and we treat our customers as unique individuals, not as walking billboards.

Can I have a cap with my logo embroidered on it?
If you own a business and you want your logo embroidered on a cap, chances are Turific will have to pass that offer (see above). Turific wants to make Turific products, not Nike, Boss nor Reebok. But there are a few exceptions to this rule, the best example being "Tribul" bike messengers, which is a small business with strong eco principles and only positive effects on the environment.